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. >> and is russia vladimir putin playing with children's lives . what he just did. >>> and the newspapers that published the names of licensed gun owners. fox and friends starts right now. ♪ >> julia: hello, everybody. >> three days left. three days left before we go head first over the fiscal cliff. >> julia: before we talk about the fiscal cliff. you did cavuto. you did o'rielly or i mean not o'rielly. the five. today you have this show and then cavuto and then on the five. >> you will be on the five. >> julia: and then other things. >> it is one of those days. iclele ladies and gentlemen, eric bowling -- boling is the mara thon man. >> it is good to be here. >> julia: yes, it is good to be here. >> kelly: thank you for joining us this morning. >> julia: the headlines and fox news alert it appears russian president vladimir putin is trying to make a political point at the expense of orphans. he signed a bill that bans americans from adopting russia children. i can't believe this happening in retaliation law for cracking down on russia human rights vialators. >> these children are not
. throwing boiling water froze it snaptly. >> steve: he made it snow. from russia with love. tell us about rg3. >> brian: you want to know. i am fascinated by that. that is thomas edison in russia. rg3 is ready to go. the rookie quarterback will play against the eagles. i say give him time and he has such a bright future . he missed last week's name with a sprained knee. eventually the giants will win. he is a football icon in chicago. >> you hear what i said. >> steve: embarrassed? >> brian: mike ditka didn't get his own message. admitting he is a fan of greenbay packers. ditka coached the bears for seasons. he's changed loyalties . who will win the bcs championship. a dolphin in the miami sea aquarium picking the fighting irash over alabama. he hadie choice and he went dolphin. he is 2-wrero with the picks. that is the scientific waya of doing things. for an unrelated top we'll go to steve. >> steve: ugly on the runway. call them gaud yeobscene, but don't call them pretty. today on "fox and friends", we'll bring you the ugly christmas sweaters on the market. this is the creator of the fashi
russian children. what he's trying to say here. one mother when got her adopted daughter out of russia just in time joins us live. >> clayton: congress makes a huge decision that could affect the price of milk. are you about to be paying $8 for a gallon of milk? >> juliet: 8:21 east coast time. secretary of state hillary clinton is in the hospital right now. she's being treated for a blood clot. wnyw has been following the story. theresa is live outside new york presbyterian with the latest her condition. give us an update report. >> good morning. good morning, everybody. as you mentioned, secretary of state hillary clinton is waking up in new york this morning being treated at new york presbyterian hospital. we believe she's here at the washington heights campus and judging by the amount of security around here, it seems as though that is the case. as you mentioned, she's suffering from a blood clot due to a concussion and fall she suffered in mid-december. we're told it was discovered yesterday during a routine follow-up checkup appointment with her doctor and her doctor suggested th
. >> brian: you think russia and u.s. are in talks? >> yes. and this is something that the president and the republicans in the senate and the congress will not permit. they will not allow, and everybody will be united to prevent this dictator and mass murder prosecutor going forward. >> brian: let's talk about afghanistan. karzai, i watched his comments, i wanted to rip his head through the tv screen j rip his robe off. >> definitely coming to us from terrorism and attacks of the taliban. part of the insecurities coming across from the structures that nato and america created in afghanistan. there is a very strong perception that some of that insecurity is intentional, yes. >> steve: what a nice way to say thank you. >> it is absolutely not the united states' fault. he is the most ungrateful and greedy and corrupt leader that we do business with anywhere on earth. it is absolutely appalling. it is such an affront to all the sacrifice we've made. the siphoning off of foreign aid by afghan nationals associated with the karzai government is well established. >> brian: here is the thin
. they wound up with a did you go which was a gift from russia which was a problem because we were in a cold war. >> exactly. >> steve: where did he wind up going? >> when she arrived, she was the daughter of the famous space dog. before caroline could take her home, she had to go to walter reed medical facility to make sure she didn't have bombs, germs or listening devices. >> gretchen: wow. >> yeah. >> gretchen: kennedys and the ponies? >> absolutely. macaroni, every little girl wanted a pony after seeing caroline kennedy with macaroni. she actually received her own fan mail while at the white house. >> gretchen: wow. today she would have a twitter account. president ford and liberty. >> my favorite is liberty when she was expecting nine puppies, woke up president ford at 9:00 a.m. to go out. so president ford found his bath robe and slippers, took her out to the south lawn. she did her business, they turned around to come in and they were locked out of the white house at 3 a.m they had to go up three stories, still all the way locked out. had to go back downstairs before the secret servic
illegally. a town in russia writes more than just tickets, people. they don't mess around. they move your car with a crane. just picking it up with a claw and taking it out somewhere. it's clucked out and dumped into this truck and taken to siberia. [ laughter ] >> kelly: oh, man. >> clayton: you're going to have scratches on the top 6 your car, i'm sure. >> juliet: if it's taken in a truck, that's bye-bye. >> kelly: we got more to discuss. we're getting a look this morning at president obama boarding air force one and leaving hawaii after spending a few days there for his christmas vacation. the president is in the air right now, we understand, heading back to washington with just five days until we fall off the fiscal cliff. doug, who was in hawaii with the president this past -- last christmas, is live in washington with details about the president's plans and what could happen if a deal isn't reached. you're not in hawaii, you must have missed it. >> clayton: your tan wore off. >> a little colder this christmas. the president, you're right, is in air force one right now for that long
. but stocks in countries called more thanking markets, the brick countries, brazil, russia, india, even china, these economies are outperforming the u.s. most experts continue them to do so. >> clayton: look in uncommon places for some things outside the country. also cut back on the starbucks. >> right. >> clayton: and brown bag it a little bit. i know my buddy was saying, i spend $10 a day picking up a coffee for myself and my wife. it's like 60 bucks a month. >> right. of that $10, $7, according to the "wall street journal," goes to rent and labor costs for the restaurants. it's no brainer. cut back on the restaurant bill. you can actually save money and do the math, reinvest it over the 20, 30 years you have ideally for an average worker now. that could add up to a mighty sum to put toward retirement. >> clayton: and almost pretend you're buying it by reinvesting it. taking that money and don't even pay attention to it. put it right into a savings account. >> yeah, buy stocks in it. >> clayton: finally, you talk about coming back on the -- cutting back on the cable and tv and phone. peopl
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)